The staff of TBSMUN is carefully selected to ensure that the most passionate and committed directors contribute to guarantee the success of our conference. The Rules of Procedure, Study Guides and Delegate Guides are meticulously reviewed and examined so that all delegates have access to the best-quality resources to prepare for our annual Model United Nations Conference.


With more than 64 nationalities, our school community has shown its appreciation for an international environment where different cultures interact; promoting the crucial principle of open-mindedness. It is this idea what has driven us to encourage students to take part in our Model United Nations, familiarising themselves with new cultures and ideals and making new friends from different places around the world!

School Philosophy

Not only is our “Be Ambitious” philosophy instilled in our Secretariat, but also it is part of all the delegates’ roles and their motivation to do plenty of preparation and practice to demonstrate their passion for international relations and diplomacy. Our school philosophy is the cause of the creation of this very conference, encouraging students all around the world to open their eyes and to go beyond, to think beyond – taking the role of a world leader to embrace the difficulties that our world faces and provide solutions to the political, economic and social problems of our planet.


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