What is TBSMUN?


The British School Warsaw Model United Nations is a three-day UN conference simulation held annually in Warsaw. At TBSMUN, delegates discuss a range of international issues and propose solutions to these matters while carefully representing their country’s policy. Hence, TBSMUN is an exciting opportunity to expand one’s horizons in relation to the current global problems that world leaders face and to promote a more critical youth, aware of the different realities that different nations and regions live around the world. Apart from being truly international, TBSMUN is also designed to develop the delegates’  MUN experience by learning new methods and techniques to understand and express opinions in a diplomatic way.

TBSMUN 2020 builds upon years of experience, being our eleventh Model United Nations we are proud of the significant growth, in terms of internationality, which characterises us as an international school. The core of our TBSMUN 2020 conference is our school philosophy – “Be Ambitious” – which will motivate every delegate to do their utmost and stand out as a truly committed debater!


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